Key milestones

Dates phares dans l'histoire du Club

Creation of the Tennis Club Hammamet
1988 :
First local tournament held at hotel Venus
1988 to 1990 : Beginning of the first trainings in partner hotels (Yasmina, Venus, Bel Azur, Paradis, Sheraton Hammamet and Le Hammamet Hotel).
1990 :
▪ Commencement of construction of 4 clay courts.
▪ Launch of the first national tournament of all categories in five hotels.
▪ Extension of the bleachers
▪ Planting shrubs around the courts
▪ Upgrading courts surfaces
▪ Commencement of the installation work of the lighting system and modernization of the irrigation system.
1996 :
Creation of the Tennis Promotion Centre in primary schools to stimulate club memberships.
1997 :
Organization of the first international tournament under the name « Yasmine Bowl »
1997 à 1999 :
▪ Construction of the club house
▪ Fitting out of the courts environment
▪ Creation of a sports hall for aerobics, dance and martial arts
▪ Redevelopment of the Club entrance
2001 :
Refurbishment of the cafeteria
2003 :
Construction of two mini tennis courts in hard ground .
2004 :
▪ Rehabilitation of the tennis courts to international standards
▪ Construction of two covered bleachers facing the main court to help organize international tournaments
▪ Organization of the first tournament « ITF Futures »
▪ November 2004 : The tornado disaster. A violent tornado causes extensive damage to the club .
2006 :
Organization of the first tournament « VETS » or veterans tournament with participants from around the world
2007 :
Organization of cultural & sporting ceremonies on the occasion of the 20th Club's anniversary
2009 à 2011 :
Organization of a national tournament each year .
2011 :
Creation of the « Youth Committee »
2012 :
▪ Celebration of the 25th Club's anniversary
▪ Inauguration of the baby tennis courts
2013 :
▪«Criterium Lutin» tournament with the presence of the President of the Tunisian Federation of Tennis
▪ Welcome of a Spanish delegation to the Club (in June 2013)
▪ Twinning with the Alboran Tennis Club of Madrid
2014 :
▪ Refurbishment of the changing rooms as per modern international standards
▪ Development of a bowls pitch in compliance with international standards
▪ Organization of “ITF Junior” tournament with the participation of 190 male players and 150 female players from 52 different countries (in February 2014)
▪ Welcome of an official Spanish delegation from Madrid's Tennis Federation chaired by its President Mr Juan Avendano who gave, during his visit, a training seminar to 40 Tunisian coaches (Mr Avendano is a former professional Spanish tennis player and the captain of Spain Davis Cup team between 2000 and 2004).
▪ Organization of “Street Tennis” in downtown Hammamet which is an event aimed at promoting tennis within the region (organized in partnership with Association Selima which provides assistance to children with cancer)
▪National Tournament of Hammamet City with the participation of 580 players

2015 :
Organizing a second edition of the ITF Junior tournament (Grade 2) (February 2015)

2016 :
Organization of the third edition of the Junior ITF tournament (grade 2) (January 2016)